Do you have an outdoor space that could use a makeover? Would you like a more inviting place to entertain guests or simply relax and unwind? If you’d like to accomplish these goals while making a smart investment to improve your landscaping, then an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, combined with a waterfall, might be just the right choice.

Installing a fireplace or fire pit provides instant cozy ambiance for outdoor gatherings. These features can be installed even in a smaller space, and are sure to make a dramatic impression. A fireplace or fire pit gives your outdoor seating area a beautiful focal point, making it a smart addition to improve  both the enjoyment and the value of your home. These features allow you to enjoy your yard year-round, as they provide warmth and light during cooler winter months.

A waterfall is also a smart addition, as it provides soothing background noise. Water features are great for blocking annoying traffic or neighborhood noises, making the time you spend in your outdoor oasis so much more relaxing and enjoyable. The presence of water makes for a more peaceful and cool summer space as well.

We specialize in installing both fire pits and fireplaces, either of which can have waterfall features attached. When you combine both elements into one design feature, you can create a unique yard element that none of your friends or neighbors have. You also maximize your space usage, when both features are combined into one unit. We can construct them anywhere you need a lovely focal point and an instantly relaxing atmosphere.

When choosing between a fireplace or fire pit, keep in mind the space and your intended usage of the addition. A fireplace provides a nice focal point and a romantic glow for patio spaces, whereas a fire pit can be placed in the middle of your seating area. Keep in mind that a fireplace may obstruct your view of the landscape beyond – which could be a good or bad thing, depending upon your needs. We can customize the size and specifications to create the ideal element for your home.

Please give us a call for a quote on your landscaping project, and soon you’ll be enjoying your romantic new fireplace, conversation around a new fire pit, or the soothing sound of your backyard waterfall.

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