One of the more frustrating aspects of home ownership is dealing with the noise from neighbors and nearby roadways. This is especially annoying if you’ve spent a good deal of time and money to create a peaceful garden oasis, only to find very little peace when you want to enjoy your outdoor space. Fortunately, you don’t have to just accept the obnoxious sounds assaulting your ears. Incorporating certain water features to your landscaping can help to mask road noise, while adding a touch of tranquility to your yard.

Water features are a good option when you can’t install a physical barrier, or if you have already installed one and want to take additional measures to block noise. The sound of a gurgling stream or splashing waterfall can overcome road sounds, in the same way you might use white noise like fans to help yourself sleep. The more pleasant sound of your choosing is closer to your ears than farther away road noise, so your ears pick up more of the preferable sound and less of the obnoxious ones.

If you use a waterfall or other water feature to block road noise, remember that placement is key. You want to put the noise-blocking element close to the places you actually sit outside, such as next to your patio. A common mistake is to place it nearer to the road, but what you really want to do is install it close to your ears.

Some waterfalls can be adjusted, so that the flow of water can be turned up during particularly loud times of day, and turned down when you aren’t home or when noise subsides. Fountains produce less sound, making them more appropriate to block lower levels of outside noise. Both features make good investments, as they’re relatively low maintenance, last for years, and increase the beauty of your landscaping.

Ask yourself how much noise you are trying to block. A water feature is appropriate for muffling low-level noise from residential streets, but it won’t work as well for louder highway or industrial noise. For more extreme situations, it’s best to combine your water feature with some type of physical barriers like fencing or dense vegetation. Please call us to arrange a consultation, and we can help you decide the best strategy for your unique situation.

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