There’s no doubt that water features add a feeling of tranquility to your landscaping. Whether you choose a babbling waterfall or a gently trickling fountain, water features help to block unwanted noise. They’re also beautiful, soothing additions to garden spaces! But since there are several different types of water features from which to choose, you should narrow down your options before you plan your landscaping project.

Koi pond. A koi pond is likely to attract butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, and birds, making it a great choice for nature lovers. Carefully consider the types of plants you will use in and around your koi pond, because the right plantings can help to keep the water clean. A koi pond might take up more room than some other water features, making it ideal for larger yards or garden areas. Add a waterfall for relaxing background sounds, and you can create a peaceful backyard oasis.

Pre-cast fountains. Fountains can be either free-standing or wall-mounted, making them the ideal choice if you have limited room for your new water feature. Fountains are also easy to install, but keep in mind that landscaping around them will increase their beauty exponentially. Since fountains can vary significantly in the water sounds that they provide, it may be helpful to compare different models in operation before choosing one.

Built-in fountains. If you choose a built-in fountain, you’re in for a bit more landscaping work than a pre-cast fountain. But the upside is that you can create a design that perfectly suits your yard, your home’s exterior, and your personal aesthetic preferences.

Stone waterfall. A stone waterfall is perfect for nature lovers who hope to recreate the feeling of a secluded mountain hiking trail. Keep in mind that this type of project requires a bit of room to construct at least two pools of water (one higher than the other). You can create whatever type of waterfall you like, from a free-falling column of water to several small pools that gradually drop.

No matter what type of water feature you eventually choose, keep in mind that proper installation and maintenance is key to keeping it clean and beautiful. Give us a call or come by to see us, and we can advise you on which type of water feature is best for your needs, space, time frame, and budget.

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