No matter how beautiful your yard may be, it’s doubtful you’ll spend much time out there enjoying it if you experience excess road noise in your neighborhood. The good news is that you don’t have to just accept road noise as a daily aggravation in your life. With the right planning, landscaping can drastically reduce the noise level in your outdoor space and give you the peace and tranquility you crave.

Building a wall is one of the best ways to reduce road noise in your yard. Brick, concrete, and stone walls are ideal for blocking sound waves, and they add visual privacy as well. You may choose to mark the boundary of your property with an attractive wall that also blocks road noise. To add another layer of sound protection, you could add a living wall around your outdoor seating area. This will further reduce sound and add an attractive element to your patio.

A well-built wood fence can also be effective in reducing noise, particularly if it doesn’t include large gaps that allow sound waves to pass through. If you do choose to build a fence, check your neighborhood or city regulations. Make sure the fence extends all the way to the ground, and build it as tall as regulations allow in order to achieve maximum sound-proofing.

A dense barrier of vegetation is another great way to block road noise. Shrubbery and small trees are somewhat effective when used alone, but if you plant them alongside a wall you’ll achieve a double layer of insulation against noise. Remember that the denser your vegetation is, the less sound will be able to pass through it.

Adding a water feature will provide the final level of protection against obnoxious noise. Once you’ve installed physical barriers against sound, a waterfall or fountain near your seating area will help to drown out whatever noise you can still hear. This strategy works because the soothing noise from the water is closer to you than the noise coming from elsewhere in your neighborhood, so be sure to plan the placement of your water feature carefully. Also be sure to include a water feature with a strong fountain pump. Small trickling fountains will not have the desired effects. Having a larger water feature with a substantial spillway or a waterfall built will maximize your sound potential.

We carry everything you need to create a peaceful backyard oasis, and we have extensive experience in planning landscaping to block road noise. Come see us, and we’ll be happy to help you solve your unique dilemma.

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