Landscape contractors working in the state of California are required to be licensed, bonded, and insured. Most home owners are aware of that they need to hire someone with a contractor’s license, but not everyone knows how to find out if they are hiring someone with a contractor’s license in good standing. We have put together some information for you to help with the process.

  • How Do You Check a Contractor’s License?

    Enter the license numbers of the contractors that you are considering for your project. If someone has not provided you with a license number (which they are required to do) you can search by business name. All contractor’s are required to put their license numbers on printed materials and on vehicles.

  • What is Wrong with a PO Box?

    Make sure any contractor you hire has a valid mailing address, not a P.O. Box listed. A physical location allows you to go back to the contractor later if you should have any issues with the work done.

  • What Kind of Licenses Are There?

    In California, there is more than one variety of contractor’s license. When considering hiring a professional, look
    at the type of license and be sure that the contractor is allowed to do the work that he/she is bidding on (for example, a concrete contractor is limited in the work that they can do whereas a landscape contractor can do almost any work outdoors).

  • What Kind of Contractor’s License Does McCabe’s, Inc Have?

    Our license (#864648) is a C-27 which is for “Landscape Contractors.” That means that we are licensed to construct, maintain, repair and install landscape systems for public and private areas. Under that license, we are able to build patio covers, install concrete, create irrigation systems, construct masonry walls, create garden spaces, install artificial turf and so much more. A C-27 license is like a general contractor for the outdoors.

  • Why Does Insurance Matter?

    All contractors are required to be both bonded AND insured. Contractors that don’t have worker’s compensation insurance because they claim not to have any employees are working illegally and pose a risk to you. Most home owners do not realize that if an unlicensed or uninsured contractor gets injured while working at their house, they are personally liable for the damages! This is a really important area to pay attention to.

Please feel free to use this link to check our license, and anyone else that you are considering for work inside or outside of your home. 

Check a License