Welcome to our Construction Services page, where quality and variety meet excellence. We pride ourselves on using top-tier materials to create bespoke garden styles, structures, and hardscape solutions, including concrete and a diverse range of paving options. Each project is uniquely tailored to our clients’ visions, ensuring no two projects are alike.

From lush gardens to intricate hardscapes, our expertise in design and build sets us apart. While we offer stand-alone designs, our comprehensive construction experience makes us the go-to experts for seamless, creative outdoor transformations. Explore our services and discover how we can turn your dreams into reality.

Explore the galleries below to discover our diverse categories of work, including BBQ islands, patio covers, and garden styles. Each gallery showcases our design and build capabilities, providing numerous samples and inspirations.

Click on any image to be taken to a dedicated page filled with ideas to spark your imagination and help you envision your perfect outdoor space.

Stone & Brick Work

Discover our stunning stone and brickwork, featuring elegant stone facings and expertly inlaid ground designs for timeless outdoor beauty.


Explore our concrete offerings, including colored and gray options with diverse textures and finishes, all crafted from premium concrete blends.

Farmhouse & Rustic

Discover our farmhouse and rustic landscape styles, featuring natural materials, charming designs, and a cozy, timeless aesthetic for your outdoor space.

Low Voltage Lighting

Illuminate your space with low voltage LED lighting, including up lights, path lights, ground lights, and more. Many options feature smart technology with color-changing capabilities.

Water Features

Enhance your landscape with our custom water features, including fountains, basalt columns, rain water features, and waterfalls. Transform your outdoor space with soothing, stylish designs.

Modern Landscapes

Transform your outdoor space with our modern landscapes, featuring sleek designs, clean lines, and contemporary aesthetics for a sophisticated look.

Solid & Latticed Patio Covers

Enjoy perfect shade with our solid and latticed Alumawood patio covers. Designed for durability and lasting beauty, they provide an ideal outdoor retreat.

Grass Alternatives

Consider grass alternatives like plantings, low-growing green ground cover, and other creative solutions to save water while maintaining a lush, vibrant landscape.

Pools & Spas

Transform your backyard with our luxurious pools and spas, designed for relaxation, recreation, and enhancing your outdoor living experience.

Wine Country Style Gardens

Experience the allure of wine country gardens with features like vine-covered trellises, rustic stone walls, aromatic herbs, and abundant grapevines.

Mediterranean Gardens

Mediterranean Gardens

Embrace the elegance of Mediterranean gardens with features like terracotta pots, stone pathways, vibrant mosaics, and lush, drought-tolerant plants.

Outdoor Kitchens & BBQ’s

Create your dream outdoor kitchen and BBQ island with endless possibilities, including grills, smokers, pizza ovens, and seating options to suit your style and needs.

Cottage Gardens

Enjoy the charm of cottage gardens, featuring winding pathways, colorful blooms, quaint arbors, and a mix of perennials and annuals for a whimsical, inviting space.

Edible Gardens

Cultivate your own edible garden with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, transforming your outdoor space into a productive and beautiful haven.

Walls & Terraces

Maximize your outdoor area with our expertly crafted walls and terraces, designed to create additional space while adding beauty and functionality to your landscape.

Recreation Spaces

Encourage outdoor living with custom recreation spaces like playgrounds, putting greens, and bocce ball courts, perfect for enjoying the Southern California lifestyle.

Tropical Gardens

Transform your space into a lush tropical garden with exotic plants, vibrant flowers, swaying palms, and serene water features for a paradise-like retreat.

Dry River Stream Beds

Enhance your landscape with dry river stream beds, adding natural beauty and unique charm with artfully arranged rocks, pebbles, and drought-tolerant plants.

Desert Landscapes

Create stunning desert or arid landscapes with drought-tolerant plants, striking cacti, succulents, and decorative rocks for a beautiful, water-efficient garden.

Natural Grass

Enjoy a lush, vibrant lawn year-round with our expert installation of natural grass. We offer both cool and warm season varieties, using advanced soil preparation techniques for optimal growth.

Fire Pits, Fireplaces, Fire Features

Ignite your outdoor space with mesmerizing fire features like fire pits, fireplaces, fire tables, and fire bowls, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Gravel, Stone & Rock Aggregates

Revamp your outdoor space with our expert design and installation of gravel, stone, and aggregates, adding texture, durability, and visual interest to your landscape.

Decomposed Granite – Paths & Patios

Add rustic charm and natural elegance to your landscape with our expertly crafted decomposed granite installations, ideal for picturesque pathways, inviting patios, and serene garden trails.

Artificial Turf

Reimagine your outdoor space with our premium artificial turf, providing lush, green beauty year-round. Perfect for creating low-maintenance lawns, play areas, and pet-friendly spaces.

Fencing & Gates

Enhance your property’s security and style with our expertly designed fencing and gates, combining functionality and aesthetic appeal for a perfect boundary solution.

Pergolas & Pavilions

Create enchanting outdoor retreats with our beautifully crafted pergolas and pavilions, offering elegant shade and a charming focal point for your garden or patio.

Interlocking Pavers

Transform your outdoor areas with our captivating interlocking pavers, creating an elegant, durable canvas for stunning patios, inviting driveways, and charming walkways.

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