Outdoor fireplace with TV set and storage cabinets

Your outdoor space can serve many functions, from quiet relaxation to boisterous social gatherings. One element that can complement just about any mood and setting is fire. If you’re thinking about adding an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit, you might be weighing your options. Which one is right for you?

As with many choices, there is no right or wrong here. The answer depends upon your personal preferences, and how you plan to use your fire feature.

Fire pits. There are two main advantages to a fire pit. First, a store-bought fire pit is portable. So, if you want to rearrange your patio or move the fire pit to a different spot in the yard, redecorating is a breeze. Of course, this option is not available if you decide to build a permanent fire pit, which brings us to our second point.

Fire pits also offer 360-degree access, so you can use them as a conversational centerpiece. Arrange your furniture around the pit, and everyone can roast their own marshmallows. When placed in a sand area, a beachy adult entertainment space can be created.

Are there any disadvantages to a fire pit? If you have small children, keep in mind that it’s much more difficult to block their access to a fire pit. And of course, a portable fire pit won’t serve as a valuable addition to your space the way a permanent structure would. The heat output from a fire pit is not as great as a fireplace. If warmth is your true goal, a fire pit may not be the best choice for you.

Outdoor fireplaces. The obvious advantage of an outdoor fireplace is that it’s a permanent structure. It could add appeal and resale value to your home, in the event that you want to sell it one day, and you might find it to be a more attractive feature overall.

Fireplaces are also protected from the wind, and smoke will be directed upward. Additionally, they can provide privacy in a way that few other landscape elements can. With proper design and placement, fireplaces make for good locations on which to mount a television. It is best to shelter those areas with patio covers and choose furnishings wisely.

You can have an outdoor fireplace designed and constructed according to your preferences. Of course, its permanence could also be a potential downside, so choose your location carefully. For more information on outdoor fireplaces or fire pits, give us a call. We can help you decide which type of feature is right for your needs.

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