Exposed aggregate concrete in the color tan with Alumawood patio cover and BBQ.

When you’re planning a hardscape project, such as a patio or walkway, you don’t have to settle for simple broomed concrete. Your project should suit your aesthetic preferences, add beauty to your home’s exterior, and of course, suit your budget. You might be pleased to learn that you can choose from several options, such as stamped concrete, brushed concrete, or exposed aggregate concrete.

Today we’ll focus just on exposed aggregate concrete: What is it, why should you consider it, and what are the benefits and drawbacks?

Exposed aggregate concrete is a method for creating a textured surface, by either mixing an aggregate into the cement or pressing it into the top of the wet surface. The result is an appearance similar to marble or granite, but of course it’s much friendlier for your budget.

Exposed aggregate is not only pleasing to the eye; it’s also durable as any concrete would be. Your exposed aggregate surface or wall will hold up nicely to traffic and all weather conditions. Plus, the texture offers skid resistance, making it an especially appealing option for poolside patios or any location that might get wet.

People who choose exposed aggregate often do so because it’s a low-maintenance option. Other than occasional cleaning and sealing, you won’t spend hours of time on your hardscape.

Perhaps the best feature of exposed aggregate concrete is its design versatility. You can choose from a huge variety of aggregates to add to your concrete, meaning color, texture, and shape can be customized to suit your desires. The most common aggregates are natural stones such as granite, quartz, limestone, or basalt. However, some people have used recycled colored glass, and even objects like seashells.

If you’re planning any type of hardscape project, from patios to walkways and even walls, give us a call to learn more about exposed aggregate concrete. We’ll help you explore your options, and choose something that suits your aesthetic preferences and budget.

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