Fireplace with natural stone facing

As you plan your hardscaping project, you will discover that for just about any look or purpose you want to achieve, there is a way. Often, there are multiple options to accomplish your goals. Sorting through the different materials available to you will become one of your primary tasks, and though it can feel like a chore, choosing the right materials for the job is of utmost importance.

So with that being said, you might be wondering about the benefits of natural stone facing over pre-fabricated surfacing materials.

Strength and durability. It won’t surprise you to hear that materials made of stone are incredibly resilient. Stone will resist cracking, chipping, scratching, swelling, warping, and weather damage. In fact, stone is so tough, you would have to make a concerted effort to damage it – and even then you probably wouldn’t succeed!

Long-lasting. If you’re investing in an improvement to your home, you want it to last a long time. That’s no problem for stone facing materials. Some of the oldest structures built by mankind are still standing, and it’s because they’re made of stone!

Aesthetic appeal. While many pre-fabricated materials are quite attractive, you cannot perfectly match the look of natural stone. Stone lends an earthy, organic quality to your project, and blends well with any type of decor. And yes, you do have some options with regard to color.

Sustainability. Stone is one of the most abundant materials on earth, so it can be sourced quite easily and the environmental impact is much lower. And while stone structures can last thousands of years, technically the materials could be reused in another project one day. You can’t really say that of pre-fab materials, which are thrown away when the structure is eventually dismantled.

These are just some of the primary benefits of natural stone materials. For more information, contact us and we’ll help you evaluate whether stone is right for your hardscaping project.

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