Planted flagstone patio

Some of us love plants so much, we just want to put them everywhere! If you have a pathway or patio, there is no reason to settle for an expanse of plain, lifeless concrete. You can include plenty of plant life in those spaces, too.

Potted plants. Obviously, the easiest way to incorporate plants into a hardscape area is to simply place potted plants wherever you want a lively pop of color. Important to keep in mind with this strategy is that pots can understandably limit the growth of some plants, so careful species selection is important.

Plant the walkway or patio itself. Another option is to simply include some plant life in the cracks or spaces between your hardscape. If you choose flagstone or pavers, you can allow for small spaces in between them. Then you can help plant life to flourish in those cracks, creating a lusher environment.

As we all know, many weeds will thrive in cracks and small spaces. But we don’t want weeds! Planting something you actually want to grow in that space is actually a clever way to help discourage some amount of weeds (although they will still appear). It’s not a good idea to allow just anything to grow in these spaces, obviously, because before you know it you might realize you have a young tree on your hands. Anything that grows overly large will force your hardscape apart and damage it.

So, which type of plants grow well in these small spaces? Choose something small, that will spread, but without a damaging root system. Something like Kurapia, Dymondia, or Dichondra would be perfect for patio or walkway planting. Creeping Thyme does not thrive as well in Southern California as it does in other areas. It looks great in magazines but isn’t an ideal choice for us.
What’s the advantage? Obviously, you might just like the look of planting your patios and walkways. It’s a unique look and feels more “natural” to many people. On the other hand, the maintenance can be a bit time consuming, so weigh your decision carefully.

On that note, give us a call or stop by our nursery. We can help you explore your hardscape options, and give you tips on planting and more.

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