Airstream parked in front yard of a home using a driveway extension and curb.

An RV can add fun and excitement to your family life, or simply provide a traveling home for single people. But more and more RV owners are looking beyond campgrounds for their RVs. Some are setting them up for part-time use at home, while others live in them full-time.

Why park at home? Yes, you originally intended your RV for traveling, but it can serve many more purposes. For example, your RV can provide extra space for…

● Outdoor parties – guests have another place to hang out (and you have an extra kitchen or bathroom to use, if you install electric and septic hookups)

● A guest quarters – now your friends and cousins have their own private retreat, they can save money, and you all get to spend more time together during visits

● A hideaway for you – if you need to work from home but need to escape the noise, just head out to your “driveway escape”

● A retreat for moody teens – sometimes teenagers just need their own spot away from everywhere else, either to work on homework or have a few friends over.

● Camp-out nights with the kids – sometimes, just doing things a little differently can make life more exciting for the little ones. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

You can probably think of even more reasons to set up your RV at home. But the bottom line is that you can expand your living space and get more use out of your investment.

Why not park at home? There’s one good reason that you shouldn’t park your RV at home. If your HOA doesn’t allow it, you could find yourself fined or at least nagged to move the vehicle. Before parking your RV, check local and neighborhood regulations.

RVs as permanent homes. With the cost of real estate skyrocketing, many individuals, couples, and even families are choosing to live in RVs full time. If you purchase land, living in the RV can keep your costs down while you pay off the loan and/or save up to build a house. Or, the RV lifestyle might be a permanent, low-overhead choice.

If you go that route, there’s a lot you can do to make your RV parking spot feel more like home. Install a permanent patio, add a picnic table, and now you can dine al fresco whenever you want. Yes, you can even landscape around your RV or plant a garden nearby. And of course, you will want a permanent electricity hookup, septic tank, and a water system.

Give us a call for more information on patios, arbors, landscaping, outdoor kitchens, or anything else you can imagine to make your RV home feel welcoming and luxurious. We can help you turn your RV parking into a permanent headquarters for guests, family fun, or even full-time living.

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