As a gardener, your work as an artist is never really “done.” Landscapes evolve as our tastes and interest change, and you continue to reap the enjoyment of learning about and nurturing new varieties of plants.

This year we have several new varieties of roses in our nursery that we’re excited to share with you. If you’re hoping to add some excitement to your garden, how about planting a new rose bush?

Neil Diamond Rose. If you’re looking for an unusual rose with an intense fragrance, this one is for you. The pink and white speckled blooms will draw eyes to your garden, and probably elicit some curious questions! And the bush’s long stems and upright growth habit make this rose variety excellent for cutting and arranging in a vase.

Anna’s Promise Rose. This rose variety produces large blooms with a unique color: golden tan with a pink blush. Anna’s Promise carries a hardy disease resistance, and blooms prolifically all season. Cut a bouquet of these beauties, and you can bring the scent of grapefruit and fresh-cut apples indoors!

Doris Day Rose. If large, bright golden blooms would make a cheerful addition to your garden, then check out Doris Day roses. This variety is also highly disease resistant, and provides a strong fruity fragrance that you can enjoy even from a distance.

Fired Up Rose. If you enjoy a sense of drama in your garden, then check out our new Fired Up Roses. These multi-colored blooms combine yellow, orange, and deep orange hues. Fired Up is also ideally suited for dry climates, making it the ideal rose bush for Southern California.

Ice Cap Rose. The other rose varieties listed here produce bloom in vibrant colors. But if classic elegance is more your speed, the Ice Cap rose might be just right for you. These shrubs produce dense masses of pure white blooms throughout the blooming season. This variety is also highly resistant to all common rose diseases, making it as durable as it is beautiful.

For help choosing the right rose variety for your garden, stop by our nursery! Seeing these lovely blooms in person is usually the best way to choose a new landscaping project.

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