There’s nothing quite like a bouquet of roses, whether you’re presenting someone with a romantic gift or simply want to enjoy them in your home. Creating a rose bouquet involves much more than simply gathering a bunch of blooms! There are a few secrets to creating the perfect bouquet.

First, we tend to be partial to English roses, especially those from the amazing breeder David Austin. He first created these roses by crossing different species of roses to attain the brightest, repeat-flowering blooms along with the strongest fragrances. So, we always recommend these rose bushes due to their long blooming season, uniquely beautiful flowers, and lovely scents. If you plant them in your garden, you can also cut the flowers to use in bouquets.

Having said that, now that you’ve chosen English roses for a bouquet, how do you go about arranging them?

First, keep your vase in mind. How tall is it? As you cut flowers for your arrangement, make sure to leave plenty of stem. Use a diagonal cut at the bottom of the stems, and cut your flowers just a bit longer than they need to be (you’ll see why in a moment).

Now, remove leaves from the stems. Any leaves that are submerged in water will rot, and cause problems for your bouquet. So, you want to trim any leaves that will be touching the water, once your flowers are placed in the vase.

Mix flower food and water in the bottom of your vase, and add your blooms. Arrange the tallest cuts in the center or back of the arrangement, and balance blooms according to size (and color, if you’re using multiple colors). Allow the stems to fall naturally against the sides of the vase, and then continue to rearrange them until your bouquet is nicely balanced.

Roses will stay fresh for about seven days, but here’s a little secret that will maximize the life of your blooms: change the water in your vase about every two days. As you do this, re-cut your stems under running water. Just trim off about a quarter of an inch, and they will better absorb water and stay fresh a bit longer.

As always, give us a call or stop by our nursery if you have any questions about growing roses. We offer a large selection of English roses, and can help you select a variety that suits your preferences.

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