All Dressed Up Grandiflora Rose

New Rose Varieties for 2019

Roses have long been a favorite flower of gardeners, due to their large, impressive blooms and incredible scent. Horticulturalists, also, enjoy experimenting with hybrid varieties, always seeking to create hardier plants, new colors, interesting scents, and more.

If you’re a rose enthusiast, it might interest you to learn some of this year’s brand-new hybrid varieties. These additions might be the perfect way to add something new and exciting to your landscape.

Star Roses has announced these new varieties…

Pretty Polly Lavender. These bloom a lovely shade of pastel lavender, from spring to fall. The compact bushes will fit easily into an existing landscape, and they’re bred for excellent disease resistance. These are also available in brilliant pink or classic white.

White Veranda. If you’re looking for a compact rose bush that could even grow well in a container, you might enjoy the lightly scented White Veranda.

Stiletto. Looking for something more dramatic? The bright magenta Stiletto roses feature a strong scent and deep, glossy green foliage. This variety performs best in Western climates, and grows up to 5 ½ feet tall.

Eyeconic Plum Lemonade. Another option in the purple color family, Eyeconic Plum Lemonade features pastel purple blooms with dark plum centers. These lightly scented roses grow on compact bushes, about two feet in height.

Weeks Roses, another popular supplier, has announced their own new varieties for 2019…

Arctic Blue. These blooms aren’t technically blue, but feature a bright lilac pink finished with lavender-blue edges. The backside of each petal is a deep cream, giving these roses a unique three-toned appearance.

All Dressed Up. These old fashioned, voluptuous cup-shaped pink blooms lend a chic touch to your garden. Their scent ranges from mild tea to fresh-cut apple.

Life of the Party. Another old fashioned, cup-shaped bloom, Life of the Party features light yellow blooms kissed with pink blush on the edges. This is another fantastic choice for gardeners looking for something unique.

Celestial Night. If “understated” isn’t your thing, you’ll enjoy Celestial Night’s large, plum-purple blooms with raspberry undersides. Their mildly fruity scent seems to match the flower’s appearance just perfectly.

These are just a sampling of the new roses available this spring. For more information on planting and growing rose bushes, give us a call and we can work your favorite new variety into a custom design!