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Spring is just around the corner, and for rose enthusiasts, that means your planning sessions are now in full bloom. As you prepare your garden for a busy growing season, you’re probably considering an addition of one or more new varieties of roses. We don’t blame you; roses can be addictive! As you continue planning, you might consider one of these five popular roses varieties.

Sweet Spirit. This bloom was recently a Regional Choice Award Winner in all regions and Fragrance Award Winner. These fully double, traditional rose blooms boast a strong, sweet fragrance. They grow well in hot climates, making the Sweet Spirit a terrific choice for Southern California.

Brick House. Brick House was a Regional Choice Award Winner in the Northwest, Northeast, and South-Central regions. But have no worries; you can cultivate this lovely variety in Southern California, too. This strong, dark red rose variety will bloom throughout the season, keeping your garden bright and beautiful for months. Since it’s highly disease resistant, the Brick House might be an excellent choice if you’ve struggled with this problem in the past.

Petite Knock-Out rose. If you enjoy roses but need something to fit a more compact space, Petite Knock-Out roses are just what you need. These petite rose bushes grow to about 18 inches tall, and feature bright red flowers on top of glossy, dark green foliage. This variety is also extremely spot resistant, making it the perfect choice for gardeners who desire a lower maintenance rose.

Romantica roses. If you’re looking for something dramatic, Romantica roses might fit the bill. These old-fashioned blooms possess a strong fragrance, but were designed to be more disease resistant. Bred in Southern France, Romantica roses are available in a variety of types and colors, and all fit in well with a more modern landscape.

Eyeconic roses. These hardy roses re-bloom throughout the season, and exhibit their distinct “blotch” characteristic throughout all stages of flowering. If you’re looking for something unique, check out the four different varieties of eyeconic roses which are available in several distinct colors.

All of the rose varieties described above are available through Star Roses and Plants. If you need assistance designing your rose garden or installing a new landscape feature, give us a call and we’ll be happy to offer our expertise.

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