Herbs and spices

You might remember the old saying, “waste not; want not.” The idea is that when we use our resources carefully, we are never in need. But how many usable resources from our gardens go to waste every year? In many cases, we’re overlooking opportunities to reap so much more from our landscaping than pretty flowers….

There are a number of ways to design a backyard garden, and none of them are more or less “correct” than any other. But of course, there might be a design type that is more suitable for you. If you’d prefer a garden that encourages visitors to move from one feature to another, appreciating the…

Every so often, we begin to notice that our homes look “dated” to a bygone decade. One of the easiest ways to refresh our decor, both inside and out, is by renovating new colors. Just think of the 1970s and certain colors come to mind! And the same goes for just about any other decade….

Night garden with lights and lanterns

Landscape lighting carries numerous benefits, such as attractively illuminating your property at night and increasing safety. But installing a lighting system isn’t always simple. You might desire lighting in an area where it’s difficult to run wires, or you might not have professional grade fixtures in your project budget. When a traditional wired lighting system…

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