Tropical or succulent plants are popular in landscaping for their lush green leaves and brightly colored blooms. Here in Southern California, our weather tends to be mild (or at least more so than many parts of our contry), and this may lead you to believe your tropical plants will do just fine over the winter….

When you consider improving the outside of your home, do you automatically think of planting decorative flowers and trees? Those are certainly important, but it’s equally important to consider the benefits of hardscape like patios and walkways. These structures give form to your landscaping and provide a place to relax and enjoy the great outdoors….

When you think of adding a concrete patio to your landscaping, do you picture a plain gray slab? For some homeowners, that may not sound very decorative or appealing. Many people don’t know that they have many more options than traditional gray when it comes to concrete. A well-designed concrete patio can add significant beauty…

We’re often asked about the best ways to ensure a landscaping project will result in healthy, long-lasting, and prolific plantings. After all, landscaping takes a lot of time and hard work, so no one likes being disappointed when their investment doesn’t pay off with the best possible results.