Tropical landscaping may make you feel like you’re on a perpetual island vacation, and it certainly adds beauty and value to your home. But if you’re skittish about using plants that are sensitive to frost, there are other ways to lend a tropical feel to your landscaping without the hassle of caring for finicky plants….

We often think of our gardens as something to be enjoyed during the day. But moon gardens are growing in popularity, allowing homeowners the opportunity to peacefully enjoy their landscaping by the light of the moon. The trick is to choose the right plants, which will stand out in dim light so that you can…

You’ve worked hard to cultivate a beautifully landscaped yard… so you would probably be dismayed to discover mushrooms popping up all over your lawn. Yet, that is exactly what often happens to frustrated homeowners, who don’t particularly care for these unwanted guests.

Does napping in your own backyard hammock sound like heaven to you? Spring is here, and there’s no better time to relax outdoors! Read on for simple instructions to set up your hammock.