As a gardener, your work as an artist is never really “done.” Landscapes evolve as our tastes and interest change, and you continue to reap the enjoyment of learning about and nurturing new varieties of plants. This year we have several new varieties of roses in our nursery that we’re excited to share with you….

We tend to choose plants for our gardens based on their visual appeal, hardiness, and water or soil needs. But before you decide upon your landscaping project, don’t forget one more important element. Choose plants that are also pleasing to your nose!

Much as people do, plants like to share their space with other plants that help them thrive. As gardeners, we reap the benefits of companion planting when we choose plants that help to ward off pests, improve the soil, or have other benefits to our overall landscaping.

In many people’s minds, trees are essential to a visually pleasing landscape. But for many gardens, it’s the unusual trees that really make the space seem special. Weeping trees lend a sense of enchantment to your landscaping, but be careful with them. In general it is best to limit yourself to one variety per garden,…