trampoline with child jumping

Perhaps your trampoline isn’t the most decorative part of your landscape, but it’s certainly important to the kids. So you want to take good care of it, and choose the best placement in your yard. We’re glad you checked our blog, because we have some input on these matters.

Where to place your trampoline. Directly on the ground is usually best; if you place your trampoline on a concrete patio or even wooden deck, you can expect obnoxious knocking sounds and damage to the trampoline’s legs. Plus, a fall onto a hard surface is likely to result in injuries.

Do keep in mind that if your soil is acidic, this can lead to premature rusting of the metal legs. Placing some mulch, sand, or other material underneath the trampoline can be a good idea.

Choose a flat spot in the yard that allows for easy visibility from at least one window, so you can check on the kids from time to time.

And of course, you want to avoid placing your trampoline underneath trees. Dripping sap and dropping debris will only make cleaning more difficult.

Cleaning your trampoline. First, remove any large debris, like limbs that have fallen onto the trampoline. Sweep away leaves, pinestraw, sand, or dirt with a broom.

Next, spray the mat with your garden hose. You can use a sprayer setting with a bit of force behind it, if you need to dislodge stubborn dirt.

Now, mix a bucket of warm soapy water, and scrub the trampoline by hand. Avoid any chemicals other than soap. Kids often want to pitch in, because sliding around on a soapy trampoline can be fun. That’s up to you, but setting a “hands and knees sliding, only” rule can prevent injuries. Running or jumping on a soapy trampoline can be dangerous.

Finally, simply rinse the trampoline with your hose once more, and allow it to dry in the sun.

And now for a bonus tip: Use a trampoline enclosure! Yes, it will make cleaning slightly less convenient, but an enclosure protects your kids from falls.

Give us a call if you need more help designing a kid-friendly landscape, or need help deciding upon a material to place underneath your play structures. We’ll be happy to help you keep your kids safe, while improving the appearance of your yard.