Bocce Ball Court

No matter our age or ability level, outdoor time is good for us. Our bodies generate vitamin D in response to sunlight exposure, and natural light helps to regulate our sleeping patterns. And of course, if you’re outdoors you’re more likely to be active. We all know exercise is important for both physical and mental health.

But sometimes it can be difficult to break away from your routine (and your smartphone). It might help if you plan a project to transform your backyard into a fun outdoor recreation space. Consider these ideas, and feel free to comment and share your own!

Bocce ball court
Horse shoe pit
Badminton court
Sand volleyball court (it can double as a giant sandbox for little ones)
Putting green
Basketball court
Splash pad
Race car or bike tracks
Fairy village (think of an outdoor dollhouse/play area)
Obstacle course
Chalkboard drawing area
Outdoor theatre with inflatable movie screen
Play house/Club house/She Shed

Things to consider. As with any landscaping project, what worked for your neighbor might not be the ideal project for your own yard. Ask yourself the following questions before deciding on a backyard recreation project:

Do I have space? This seems obvious, but you might be surprised at how often homeowners overestimate their available space. Take measurements before beginning a project, and consider how much yard you’d prefer to have “left over” for future projects.

What will the kids enjoy most? If you have kids or grandkids, this is likely to be your biggest consideration. This is a great topic for your next family meeting.

How versatile is the space? A sand volleyball court can double as a play area for young tots. A basketball court also provides space for hopscotch and chalk drawings (they wash off easily). Unless you’re incredibly enthusiastic about your chosen outdoor activity, it might be best to create a recreation space that provides for multiple interests.

Do I need help? Some projects are easier than others. If you need help with a professional installation, contact us and we’ll provide you with advice and a quote.