Now that summer is arriving, you might want to spend more time outdoors. But outdoor time doesn’t have to be all sweat and exercise! If kicking back and enjoying a movie or your favorite Netflix series is more your speed, how about setting up an outdoor theater?

It’s easier than you think, thanks to special equipment designed for outdoor setups.

Choose a projector. Look for one with a minimum of 2,000 lumens of brightness and HD resolution. You probably won’t enjoy outdoor movies if the quality is far inferior to what you enjoy indoors.

Consider placement. Where will you be sitting; on your patio furniture, or on blankets in the yard? Or, do you plan to watch the screen from your pool? Distance will influence the size screen you want to purchase, and also the placement of the projector. Remember that your projector’s HDMI cord needs to reach its source, and that you will need a power supply.

Shop for a screen. Your screen can be as simple as a white sheet strung across the fence, or as fancy as an inflatable big screen with cinema-grade materials. Consider your set-up time, as well as factors such as wind (which can ripple more simple screens).

Consider audio. Some projectors provide decent sound, but that depends upon your preferences. If you prefer a more high-tech theater experience, portable outdoor speakers can be placed where you want them.

What about the source? You’ll need a reliable high-speed internet connection if you want to stream movies or TV shows from a device. Otherwise, you could go with a basic DVD player or play downloaded movies from a laptop.

A few reminders. Remember not to leave equipment out in the weather, and keep food and drinks away from laptops, streaming devices, and speakers. And don’t forget to turn off your automatic sprinkler system during movie time, unless you’re looking for a surprise “water effect”!

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