Backyard with strolling path

There are a number of ways to design a backyard garden, and none of them are more or less “correct” than any other. But of course, there might be a design type that is more suitable for you. If you’d prefer a garden that encourages visitors to move from one feature to another, appreciating the backyard from different angles, then a strolling garden might be perfect for your landscape.

A strolling garden gets its name from design features that encourage you to stroll from one to another. Strolling gardens are composed of a series of walkways and often include a water feature of some sort.

Choosing your pathways. You might think that creating a strolling garden of pathways will be expensive. But remember, you have options beyond actually paving sidewalks throughout your backyard. The pathways can be as elaborate as custom-designed pavers, to simple pebble pathways, or even log rounds or strategically placed steppingstones. You can also opt for a combination of these methods, for a more eclectic look.

Now… Where are you walking to? A strolling garden is more than a series of pathways. Your eyes should be drawn to various garden features along the way, and generally speaking, you should include a variety of different ones.

Consider both vertical space and depth. Low flowers, border plants, and shrubs help to define the walking space. Meanwhile, taller features such as trees add a sense of overhead cover. Including fruit trees in your strolling garden can send guests on a mission to pick fruit. Archways, complete with vining flowers, draw the eyes overhead.

And of course, gardens include more than just plant life. Consider sitting areas, a swing, or a water feature such as a fountain to add enjoyment to your landscape.

Other benefits of a strolling garden. More walking pathways and large features mean less grass to mow; great news if you want to create a landscape that requires less cutting and watering. It is even possible to design a stroll garden that includes many rock features and other low-water landscaping ideas, so that you can enjoy a lush backyard that won’t increase your water bill.

If a strolling garden sounds appealing to you, give us a call to discuss your options. We can help you choose hardscaping for the pathways, design gardens, and work in other features as suitable to your preferences and budget.