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Every so often, we begin to notice that our homes look “dated” to a bygone decade. One of the easiest ways to refresh our decor, both inside and out, is by renovating new colors. Just think of the 1970s and certain colors come to mind! And the same goes for just about any other decade.

Of course, you probably don’t want to completely redecorate every few years. That’s why choosing neutral colors, and then simply changing out accent colors when you feel like it, is often the more cost-effective way to go. But even neutral colors have their time in the spotlight.

The good news is that gray is back in a very big way! Gray is one of those neutral colors that coordinates well with various shades of almost any other color. So if you go with gray within your landscaping and exterior home projects, you can be assured that swapping out trendier color accents every few years is all you will need to do. For quite a long time, you can keep redecorating costs low by monitoring color trends and including those in more subtle ways.

Just think back to the Pantone Color of the Year for the past few years… We’ve seen Classic Blue, Living Coral, Ultraviolet, and Greenery in recent years. All of these colors work quite well with shades of gray, and we can reasonably expect that future color trends will continue to do so.

So, where can you incorporate gray into the exterior of your home? Consider gray when it’s time to upgrade features such as

● Hardscaping, such as concrete, rock, and pavers used to create patios and walkways
● Rock or concrete used in retaining walls
● The exterior color of your home’s siding or paint
● A dark charcoal for the roof
● Patio covers or shades
● Outdoor kitchen cabinets or countertops
● Fire pits and water features
● Cushion covers for patio furniture
● Flowerpots and other decor
● … and probably much more!

Where else can you incorporate shades of gray into your home’s exterior and landscaping? Call us to discuss your ideas, and we’ll help you choose materials or create a design that’s beautiful and versatile for years to come.