At first glance, you might wonder what your landscaping has to do with retirement. For some it might mean that you planning to spend more time in your garden once you retire. But for a lot of our clients, we find that their interest in travel can complicate things a bit landscaping-wise. If you hope to enjoy a lot of trips in your retirement years, you’ll want to plan for low-maintenance landscaping that allows you to be away from home for extended periods of time. We can show you several options that will allow you the flexibility to plan all the cruises and visits with grandchildren your heart desires.

Consider a grass-free lawn. Rather than a grassy lawn that requires frequent mowing and watering, many homeowners are turning toward the use of hardy, drought-resistant plants. A well-designed landscaping plan will intersperse these plants with hardscape, rock gardens, and mulched areas to create a visually pleasing, low-maintenance yard. This type of landscaping does not need frequent watering or mowing, and are the perfect complement to many architectural styles.

Use hardscape. Rather than a huge expanse of high-maintenance plant life, a popular option is to turn your backyard into a relaxing patio area. You can incorporate water features such as fountains or pools, and add some potted plants to maintain a lively ambiance without the need for constant maintenance. A bonus of this type of landscaping is that it provides the perfect place for entertaining family and friends.

Install an irrigation system. If you still love the idea of a grassy lawn and more needy decorative plants, you can still enjoy them with an automatic irrigation system. Your yard will receive just the right amount of water on a regular basis, and you don’t have to do anything but make seasonal adjustments!

Consider alternatives to grass. If frequency of mowing the lawn is your biggest concern, you can still enjoy a lush green yard without grass. Alternatives such as moss, Myoporum, and Dichondra also provide green groundcover. Moss, of course, never has to be mowed, but still provides lovely greenery. Dichondra does not flower so no bees are attracted and it competes well with weeds, making it a great low-maintenance landscaping choice.

Of course, you can always hire experts to take care of your lawn while you travel. Whether you want to plant a grass-free lawn, install an irrigation system, or get our help taking care of your yard, give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss all your worry-free landscaping options.

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