Bocce Ball court with Edison lights

Having your own backyard bocce ball court can provide a lot of fun, but to keep it looking its best, there is some upkeep needed, especially if it is being regularly used for (fun!) game play. So that you don’t feel overwhelmed by figuring out what to do and when, we’ve put together this quick guide.

The main objective is to keep the surface of the court smooth and even, so that you obtain maximum enjoyment from your games.

We do this by dividing necessary tasks into two categories: ongoing maintenance and periodic chores.

Ongoing maintenance: after each bocce ball session, brush the court with a drag broom. Wet the surface evenly and thoroughly to prevent dust. If it’s a new court, rolling it (or tamping it down) can encourage a firmer texture, help the court maintain moisture, and prevent erosion.

Periodic chores: your bocce ball court can suffer from indents and depressions, especially if you use it aggressively. You can detect these issues by looking for water that lingers in certain spots.

Annually, you may need to replace topdressing which is lost over time. Patch depressions and low areas with DG or top surface material. If you didn’t opt for an oyster shell top dressing at the time of installation, this is something that can be added later, if you’d like.

If your court has an artificial turf top layer, follow the normal guidelines for maintaining artificial turf including brushing it up on an ongoing basis and adding more sand/infill as needed.

If you have any other questions, do give us a call.

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