Young Woman doing Yoga Exercises Outdoor

Many of us are feeling a need for more outdoor time lately, and who couldn’t use a bit of self-therapy these days? Gardening provides for both of these needs, by encouraging you to spend more enjoyable and even meditative time outside. And luckily, gardening never gets boring, because new trends continuously emerge to keep us engaged.

Speaking of trends, we expect these five design trends to influence outdoor spaces this year.

More purposeful design. With regard to landscape design, many homeowners previously focused on the simple. They wanted something attractive, and often low maintenance, but otherwise did not spend too much time thinking about the usefulness of the space. All of that is set to change this year. With families spending more time outdoors, landscapes increasingly serve a multitude of purposes. Perhaps you dream of a patio for visiting with neighbors, a volleyball court for the kids, or a relaxing hammock by the pool. The usefulness of outdoor features is now more important than ever.

Living rooms expanding into the backyard. Spending more time at home doesn’t have to mean spending time inside the home. Homeowners now wish to enjoy a more seamless transition from the living room to the backyard, with activities such as outdoor movie screenings becoming more popular. Landscape features such as outdoor lighting, seating areas, speakers, and inflatable TV screens are in demand now.

Peace and serenity. Very manicured and uniform landscapes are pretty, but homeowners are looking for something different right now. Lush, enveloping landscapes are in, as homeowners seek an outdoor environment that makes them feel cocooned in safety and privacy. Lush evergreen hedges, wild, unmanicured hydrangeas, and soothing colors lend a soothing ambiance to backyards that would otherwise feel exposed or overly plain.

A return to native plants. As more of us turn our attention to the environmental impacts of our actions, we are realizing the importance of using native plants in the landscape. Using species native to your area usually translates to lower water usage, and their care is simpler as well. Native species also provide habitats to local wildlife, and attract beneficial pollinators to the garden.

Do any of these up-and-coming trends appeal to your idea of the perfect landscape? Give us a call to discuss them in more detail, and we will help you redesign your outdoor space to perfectly suit your needs.