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Throughout 2020, home gardening exploded in popularity throughout the country. Our 42 million gardeners swelled to 63 million within the span of a year, and there are no signs of the trend reversing. In fact, most home gardeners report that they want to go bigger and better in 2021!

Whenever a hobby enjoys sudden, increased popularity, we can expect new trends to emerge. In 2021, these are the trends to watch.

Victory gardens. From grocery store produce shortages, to rising prices or fears of shopping in public, plenty of reasons are prompting home gardeners to grow more food at home. The trend of “victory gardens” began in World War Two, when the general public supported the strained food supply chains by planting their own vegetable crops. Now, of course, a pandemic was the precipitating force for this trend, but the end goal is the same. Americans want access to fresh, local food, and they want to pitch in and help everyone to avoid shortages.

More outdoor living. It’s certainly easier to “socially distance” when you’re outdoors! As more of us work from home, or simply avoid going out in public very often, we’re supporting our need for fresh air and sunshine by hanging out in the yard. Of course, that means beautifying our outdoor spaces and making them more enjoyable to use. Home gardeners are adding privacy hedges, installing fire pits, planting more flowers, or even installing fish ponds or swimming pools.

A focus on bold color. Who couldn’t use a bit of cheering up at this time? Bright, tropical plants are enjoying a surge in demand, as gardeners seek to brighten up the mood of their landscapes. When utilized in large pots, tropical plants can be moved indoors for the winter, where they continue to add a festive flair to the home.

Houseplants. Speaking of bringing plants indoors, houseplants are enjoying their moment in the spotlight, too. Remote workers have discovered that the simple addition of a few plants can reinvigorate a tired workspace. Even kids who are learning from home have picked up a new hobby, and tending a houseplant can provide a valuable learning activity.

You might have noticed that these four trends truly span the entire spectrum of home gardening. 2021 might just be the year of the plants! For assistance with landscaping projects, give us a call to discuss your plans.

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