A garden is typically a place of beauty, that accentuates your home and perhaps contributes to its market value. But a garden can also serve as a spot for relaxing, feeling a connection with nature, and even honoring the memory of a loved one. When you plant a memorial garden, you can devote your care and energy to someone you’ve lost, while creating something meaningful for yourself and others to enjoy.

A memorial garden can be as simple or as elaborate as time and your chosen space allow. As with any garden, consider the size of your space first. Will it allow for a large root system and the height of a mature tree in the future? Or do you need to plan for something more compact?

Light is always another important consideration for any garden. Choose plant species that will thrive in a sunny or shady location, as applicable to your situation. Consider nearby buildings and shade from mature nearby trees.

And of course, any garden requires labor from you (or someone you hire) to maintain it. A lovely tree that you nurture for many years, marked with a thoughtful plaque, can honor your lost loved one just as well as an abundance of exotic flowers. You might also consider elements that your loved one enjoyed, such as a favorite color or type of rose.

If you plan to use your memorial garden as a place to relax and commune with nature, consider your seating options. A rocking chair on the porch, overlooking a memorial flower garden, might recall your memory of a special grandparent. Or you could have a bench specially designed and installed, including a plaque with the name of your loved one. Sometimes a swing or even a hammock might feel more appropriate, considering the personality of the one you wish to honor.

It is sometimes said that grief is simply love that has nowhere to go. Over time, your care of a memorial garden will give you an outlet for loving energy, and allow you to release these feelings in a healing way.

Call us to discuss your hopes for a memorial, and we can help you design something that honors your memories.