Rainbow of bearded iris

Now that April has arrived, you might be noticing flowers and trees that are blooming in full splendor. If you’re wondering what you could plan in your own yard, so that you can enjoy beautiful early spring blooms next year, this blog is for you! The following trees and flowers would make a lovely addition to your garden, bringing festive blooms early in the season.

Jacaranda Tree. This beautiful tropical variety boasts clusters of brilliant, purple, trumpet-shaped blooms. Due to its fern-like foliage, the Jacaranda tree also provides excellent shade.

Redbud Tree. Also known as the Judas tree, the Redbud tree produces bright, mauve-pink blooms that last about three weeks. These ornamental trees typically remain on the small side, making them an excellent addition to yards with limited space.

Crabapple Tree. Another small ornamental tree, the Crabapple provides an explosion of flowers in shades of white, pink, magenta, red, burgundy, or coral. After blooms fade, gardeners and passers-by continue to enjoy their lush foliage in shades of bright green, dark green, or purple. In the fall, the Crabapple produces fruit in shades of lime green, yellow, red, gold, pink, orange, and even purple.

English Roses. These shrubs produce classic cup- or rosette-shaped flowers in just about any hue you can imagine. Many are also bred for their unique fragrances.

Breath of Heaven. These light, airy shrubs produce small, delicate flowers in shades of pink, white, magenta, or purple. Moving easily in a light breeze, Breath of Heaven also lends a wispy, romantic feel to your landscape.

Gaura. Blooming from April all the way into fall, Gaura bloom white and slowly fade to pink. Since flowers are positioned at the tops of long stems, Gaura make excellent cuttings for vases.

Dianthus. Also known as Sweet Williams, Dianthus flowers are available in shades of pink, red, salmon, and white. The fragrance contains notes of cinnamon or clove.

Pincushion. The Scabiosa, or Pincushion flower, provide a burst of color in hues of blue, white, or purple. These plants perform well in beds, borders, or containers, and tend to attract plenty of butterflies to the garden.

Bearded iris. If you appreciate exotically-shaped flowers in shades of blue, bearded iris might be perfect for your garden. The prolific bloomers also make for beautiful arrangements in vases.

Wisteria. If you’ve ever noticed climbing vines dripping with brilliant blue to purple flowers, you were probably admiring wisteria. While beautiful to behold, keep in mind that wisteria is also extremely invasive. Choose their location carefully.

Lavender Star Flower. Technically a tree, the lavender star flower is frequently grown as a shrub or even a container plant. It can be pruned heavily at any time of year, to prevent it from spreading out aggressively. The delicate, star-shaped lavender blooms are a favorite of butterflies.

Yellow Jasmine. Yellow Jessamine, or Jasmine, is a prolific climbing vine that frequently tumbles over fences, arbors, and trellises. The bright yellow, trumpet-shaped blooms add a festive feel to gardens in the spring.

If any of these spring blooms tickle your fancy, give us a call. We can help you design a landscape to include more spring-blooming trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, and vines.