Outdoor barbeque grilling

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed plenty of time with friends and family over the summer, enjoying backyard barbecues. But by now, you might have noticed that things are getting a bit stale. If the same old hot dogs, burgers, and chicken just aren’t all that exciting anymore, try these ideas to take your barbecues to the next level.

Check out some new recipes. Even chicken can become exciting again with a new recipe. Browse Pinterest to get inspired, and consider some new meats that you don’t normally eat in your household (goat, anyone?)

Pizza on the grill. Whip up a batch of pizza dough, place a variety of toppings, sauces, and cheese in bowls, and let everyone make their own personal pizza! Yes, you can grill pizza on a barbecue, and the flavor is amazing.

Shish kabobs. Shish kabobs are a fun option, and you don’t need a lot of eating utensils to enjoy them. Alternate meat, veggies, and even fruits on kabob sticks, and grill them up just as you normally would grill meat. Shrimp and bacon are another popular option, and don’t forget tofu for the vegetarians and vegans in your crowd.

Barbecue, then shred. Grill or smoke up some meat of your choice, and then shred it in a large bowl. Set out taco shells and toppings, and we guarantee this will be everyone’s favorite Taco Tuesday.

Go vegetarian. Meat isn’t the only thing you can barbecue! Toss some honey-drizzled pineapples, peaches, tomatoes, or polenta with mozzarella cheese onto the grill.

Bake some bread. Yes, bread! A bit of research first will go a long way toward making this experiment successful, but plenty of people do bake bread right on their backyard barbecue.

Breakfast bonanza. If you have a flat-top grill or a griddle pan, think outside of the afternoon-barbecue box. Head outdoors first thing in the morning, and scramble up some eggs, fry some bacon, and even make pancakes on your grill.

Did these ideas inspire you? Contact us to learn more about building an outdoor kitchen that supports any of your barbecuing goals. We can help you design a kitchen that is as beautiful as it is functional.