Pizza cooked in an outdoor brick oven.

Outdoor kitchens have exploded in popularity over recent years. But if you’re growing tired of the same old grilling menu, why not branch out to explore other options? A pizza oven allows you to serve up a time-tested party favorite from your outdoor kitchen.

As with other aspects of designing an outdoor kitchen, choosing a pizza oven will depend upon factors such as cost, fuel type, aesthetics, and more. The following four options are the most common choices for outdoor pizza ovens, and one of them will suit your needs perfectly.

Brick ovens. A brick pizza oven can be customized to fit seamlessly with your aesthetic preferences. Since you build the oven on-site, using bricks, you can design the oven in any size or style you wish. Choose bricks that match your home’s exterior, or select those that provide a complementary contrast to the rest of your outdoor kitchen. These pizza ovens are a bit more labor-intensive, of course, but you can’t beat the authentic wood-fired flavor they provide.

A countertop pizza oven. The advantage of using a countertop option is that it won’t need to be permanently installed. You’ll save on overhead expenses, and can take the pizza oven with you if you ever decide to move. Countertop pizza ovens often use propane as a fuel source, but wood-fired options are available too. Of course, you need countertop space that will accommodate the oven.

Free-standing pizza ovens. Like countertop ovens, freestanding pizza ovens are available in a variety of fuel sources. Their mobility makes them easy to install and move. But they do require more space, as they are similar in size to a free-standing charcoal or gas grill.

Barbecue conversion. This option is perhaps the simplest, as you simply convert your existing barbecause into a pizza oven. Purchase a pizza oven box for use on a charcoal grill, and now you’ve installed a makeshift pizza oven. The results are good, but you won’t achieve that wood-fired flavor. And some people do report that cleaning the box is a bit of a hassle.

After reading the pros and cons of each type of pizza oven, which one appeals to you? Give us a call to discuss your options in more detail, and we can help you incorporate a beautiful brick pizza oven into your outdoor kitchen if you decide to go that route.

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