Travertine faced outdoor BBQ

With Memorial Day and a summer of barbecues approaching, you might be eyeing your outdoor space with some fresh inspiration in mind. Is it finally time to install the outdoor kitchen of your dreams? Or are you looking for some trendy updates for your existing space? We’ve been seeing a lot of the following five trends.

Griddles. More and more homeowners express a preference for griddles rather than, or in addition to, a regular barbecue grill. Why? For one thing, a griddle can accomplish things that a grill just cannot. Picture yourself flipping pancakes and frying bacon outdoors. What a relaxing way to spend a Sunday morning! Plus, griddles are easy to season and keep clean. And since they’re gas powered, there are no messy bags of charcoal to worry with.

Additional seating space. Now that we’re moving into the post-pandemic era, you’re probably considering larger gatherings again. Now is the time to evaluate your seating area, and add more furniture to accommodate your guests. This might necessitate an expansion of your existing patio or deck.

A tiki bar. With outdoor gatherings growing in size, serve up fun cocktails from your own tiki bar. A tiki bar adds a festive touch for the adults.

Pizza ovens. There’s just nothing like the crust on a wood-fired pizza. The same old barbecue foods can get old over time, so why not add a new option? Family members and guests will enjoy topping their own personal pizzas and cooking them outdoors in your new pizza oven.

Media options. Plenty of seating, a spot to get out of the shade, and terrific food options… These are the foundations of a fantastic outdoor gathering. Now take things up a notch by adding a screen for movies and sportings, and surround sound speakers for watching these events or blasting your favorite tunes. No need to miss the game while you’re whipping up your favorite barbecue dishes!

And of course, your outdoor kitchen area might simply need a style makeover! Over time, trends in colors and materials do change, and you want your gathering spot to complement your home’s overall decor. Call us to discuss your design ideas, and we’ll help you give your outdoor kitchen the makeover it deserves.