If you visit a home improvement or gardening supply store, you can always find a variety of lovely planters for your garden. But sometimes “found objects” add the most unique and interesting touch to a landscaping project. These can be objects that you already have lying around your tool shed, or things that you pick up at a garage sale or flea market (or even from rubbish that someone else has discarded).

A wheelbarrow obviously serves a purpose in the garden, but it can also become an eclectic found object. If you have an old wheelbarrow, or can obtain one somewhere, you can easily turn it into an eye-catching centerpiece for your garden. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Turn over your wheelbarrow, and drill a grid of drainage holes. The holes should measure about ¾-inch wide, and be spaced three to six inches apart.

2. Cut a piece of mesh to line the bottom of the wheelbarrow. Try an old window screen or a similar material. This mesh will retain the soil as water passes through the drainage holes.

3. Place the wheelbarrow in your garden. You might try a few different spots until you feel happy with its placement. Sure, you could always move it later, but it will become much heavier in the next step.

4. Fill your wheelbarrow with a quality potting soil.

5. Place your choice of flowers or other plants in the wheelbarrow. This is your time to get creative! You can choose a mix of different-colored flowers or foliage that appeals to you. Just keep in mind the spacing guidelines for each plant, and remember that some tend to spread quickly and “choke” anything it its path.

6. Add a layer of mulch around your plants, about two to three inches deep. This will help retain moisture on hot, dry summer days.

7. Maintain your wheelbarrow planter just as you do the rest of your garden. Remember to check the soil for dampness, and water as needed. If you chose a plant that spreads quickly, you might need to periodically thin it out, so the planter does not become overcrowded.

That’s really all there is to it! For more ideas, please stop by our nursery and we can help you select just the right plants for your project.

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