What good is a beautiful, fragrant garden, if you don’t spent time outdoors enjoying it? That’s why we often blog about more than just flowers, trees, and other plants. Creating a space to relax and enjoy your hard work is important, too!

So, picture this: It’s a warm, summer day, and a gentle breeze is blowing. The birds are singing, your flowers are blooming, and you’re kicked back enjoying the view with a lemonade in hand. What better way to enjoy your afternoon, than from a garden swing?

A focal point. A swing makes a terrific focal point for your garden. You can hang it from a pergola, or even paint it a bright color that contrasts with your house.

Decorate it. The swing itself can be decorative (and comfortable) with the addition of coordinating cushions and pillows. If you chose to hang your swing from a pergola, you can plant climbing vines to add a woodsy touch. Some people with larger pergolas like to install curtains for privacy and shade. You can really get creative here, and create your own little backyard hideaway.

Landscaping around your swing. Wherever you choose to place your garden swing, remember that it does serve as a focal point to draw the eye. So, you want to landscape around it in an attractive way. You might choose to build a pebble pathway, leading to your swing. A living wall or a row of bamboo adds privacy. Place a birdbath or feeders nearby so you can enjoy the wildlife.

Keep the kids happy, too. Young children love garden swings, but it can be difficult to relax with small bodies climbing up and down or demanding to swing faster. Installing a fun tire swing nearby will give the kids an outlet for their energy, while preserving your relaxing space for the adults.

Creative options. A garden swing might seem like a straightforward concept, but you would be surprised at the number of options out there! If you check out garden swings on our Pinterest page, you will be surprised at how creative people can be. Some manufacturers have taken the concept a step further, and created swinging beds so that you can nap peacefully in your backyard. You might even incorporate drink coolers and other accessories into your patio, gazebo, or pergola, keeping everything you need within reach.

A garden swing can be as simple or elaborate as you wish! One idea might lead to another, as you create the perfect backyard oasis. As always, we’re here to help with your landscaping needs. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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