For just about any home improvement project that you can imagine, it would be simple enough to head to your nearest hardware or landscaping supply store. There, you will find everything you need to complete your project, but sometimes it’s more fun to create unique touches for your home and yard. You can personalize them, so that the result is a one-of-a-kind design. Plus, the whole family can get involved! Home improvement projects are a great way to spend time together and learn something new.

If you’re looking for a fun, easy way to personalize your landscaping, why not create your own stepping stones? This project doesn’t require a lot of special equipment, but the results can be creative and exciting.

Step One: Choose a container to use as a mold. You can pick up plastic containers at a discount store, or perhaps you already have something you can use (large dog food dishes are a good example). Choose something that is a few inches deeper than the desired thickness for your stones.

Step Two: Fill the bottoms of each container with a layer of slightly damp sand. About an inch is plenty.

Step Three: Get creative! This is the fun part. Choose items that will create a decorate design when pressed into concrete. Consider seashells, leaves, flowers, and so on. Place your decorative items on top of the sand.

Step Four: Prepare a bag of Quikrete according to instructions. Once your Quikrete is ready, pour it into your containers and use a spatula to level the tops.

Step Five: Let your stones dry for two to three days. Once you’re sure that the stones are completely dry, pop them out and admire the results! Place them around your garden for a special touch to your landscaping.

If you’re looking for ideas, check out our family Pinterest board!

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