So, you must cut down that old, sickly tree, or perhaps, you’ve lost one due to a storm. Whatever the reason, you might find yourself wondering if there is anything you can do with the stump and leftover logs. There are plenty of creative ways to recycle parts of your fallen tree.

Make planters. Depending upon your method, this could get a bit labor intensive. You’ll need to hollow out to stump by chipping and scraping out the center of the stump with a sharpened mattock. If a large tool intimidates you, you could try using a smaller pick or even the claw end of a hammer. After hollowing the trunk, drill some drain holes angling down and out, to prevent rot. Then just add soil and plant the flowers or herbs of your choice. The work is worth it! The finished product is beautiful and unique.

Birdbath. Choose a large, decorative bowl, and affix it to the top of the stump. Just add water, and now you’ve created a birdbath that fits effortlessly into your landscaping.

An end table. Remove the stump, sand the top until smooth, and decorate it any way that you like. You could stencil it, or glue colorful mosaic tiles to the top. Now you’ve created a beautiful accent table to use alongside your patio furniture.

Entertain the kids. Smooth the top of the stump, and paint it with chalkboard paint. Kids can draw on it or play tic-tac-toe, while getting some healthy sunshine and fresh air. If you have an abundance of leftover stumps and logs, arrange them into an obstacle course for the kids (and it’s fun for adults too). Add large rocks, a rope swing, and other elements to create a fun and natural play space.

Use it as a base for a sculpture. A tree stump is the perfect spot to place a gazing ball, or you could build a small “fairy garden” on top. Use animal or mushroom figures, a little moss, or even tiny houses and bridges. Get creative!

Create a walkway with stepping “stones”. Use a chainsaw or band saw to slice a tree stump and logs into disks measuring about two to three inches thick. Keep in mind that this can be very dangerous work, and it might be wise to hire a professional! Once you have your disks, arrange them along your walkway and fill in the spaces between them with dirt or pebbles.

As always, contact us if you need help with any landscaping project. We can offer creative ideas, quality materials, and help with labor if needed.

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