When you hear the word “garden” you’re probably already thinking of plant life. But many aspects of traditional gardens aren’t technically alive. We use fencing, hardscape, furniture, decorative objects, and more in our outdoor spaces. But with a little ingenuity, you can build structures that are living works of art all by themselves.

These ideas will show you what we mean, but there are many more ways to use plant life to add beautiful structure to your garden.

Willow dome. This is the perfect project if you have kids, and want to encourage them to spend more time outdoors. Just bend flexible willow branches into a dome, and then encourage vining plants to grow up the structure. Soon you’re have a unique little hidey place for young children, that encourages imaginative play while adding whimsical beauty to your yard.

A pea or bean teepee. Similar to the willow dome, a pea or bean teepee provides a unique focal point but with less time investment. Place long canes into a teepee shape, and then train bean or pea vines to the form. And as a bonus, you can eat the food you grow!

Espalier tree. Many people don’t realize that they do indeed have room for a fruit tree. Train it to grow up a wall or fence, and this beautiful artwork will also provide delicious fruit in a few years.

A grape arbor.  Here’s another option that doubles as a lovely feature and provider of homegrown food. Grape arbors are simple to build, with just a few pieces of wood, and can be as intricate or plain as you like. Train grape vines to the arbor, and enjoy the fruits of your harvest.

An enchanting tunnel. Bend large panels of wire into a tunnel shape, and you can walk through your own tunnel of flowers or even hanging fruits. A variety of gourds provide an interesting visual, because the fruits resemble lanterns.

A living wall. A living wall serves a dual purpose. First, it provides privacy and helps to reduce noise pollution. But it also doubles as a standing planter from which you can grow herbs, ferns, or flowers.

Is your mind churning with ideas yet? We can help you turn them into a reality. Consult with us about adding more life and structure to your yard, and we’ll help you fit a few of these great ideas into your overall landscape design.

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