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We always say that putting together a detailed plan is the first step to a successful landscaping project, but those plans don’t come out of thin air, do they? First you need inspiration. You need to know exactly what you want to accomplish, before you can measure, draw up a plan, consult with experts, or purchase supplies.

One of the main reasons we publish these weekly blogs on our website is to inspire and challenge you to get creative with your landscaping. But of course, we aren’t the only source of information out there. So how else can you find inspiration? Use several of the following methods until you decide upon a plan that feels “just right”.

Visit other neighborhoods. Simply driving through a lovely neighborhood can help you identify landscaping ideas that appeal to you. In particular, look for homes that are similar to yours, or that share common characteristics with your yard. Try to avoid getting too attached to plant types when traveling to other climates. Many of “their” plants won’t grow here unless you happen to be in Italy at the time.

Read landscape or home design magazines. You might feel a bit strange taking a photo of a random person’s house, but tearing out photos from magazines will feel perfectly acceptable. Photos allow you to compare different ideas side-by-side. They’re also super handy when you need to communicate your ideas to a landscape designer or contractor.

Pinterest. If you’re online reading this blog right now, then you can also access Pinterest. In fact, starting your own Pinterest board of landscaping ideas is a great way to keep track of everything that appeals to you.

Other websites. Houzz.com is a great source of inspiration, and there are several other similar websites out there. Start by googling “landscaping ideas” or more specifically, search for elements that appeal to you such as “low water landscaping” or “tropical landscapes” and so on.

Visit a nursery. Simply walking through a nursery is a terrific way to get gather some ideas. You can get a feel for which types of plants appeal to you, and talk to a gardening expert to discover which ones will work best in your yard. Come visit our nursery, and we’ll be happy to offer our opinions and experienced guidance.

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