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Does a classic English garden, mixed with ornate embellishments and a few touches of whimsy, sound appealing to you? If so, a Victorian style garden might be a good fit for your aesthetic tastes. Contrary to common belief, Victorians weren’t completely stuffy and old-fashioned. Their landscapes were a wonderful blend of refined English sensibility, exotic plants, and even amusing finishing touches.

Consider these ideas for a Victorian styled landscape.

Evaluate your space. Various smaller sections allow for experimentation with different plants, depending upon their needs for light and space. This might also allow for sitting nooks or other spaces with specific purposes. If you require a border of some type, a manicured hedge adds a classic English touch.
Connect the garden areas. A finely textured gravel is good for walkways because you want the focus on abundant plantings.
It’s not all about the plantings. Victorian style incorporates ornate touches such as fountains, bird baths, wrought iron furniture, trellises, and arbors. Paint wood areas, like porch railings or trellises, for a refined look.
Remember to use vertical space. Victorian gardens are lush and abundant, so include hanging planters or pots on pedestals to take advantage of vertical space. These can be placed on porches and patios as well.
Consider color. When choosing plants and other elements for your Victorian landscape, remember that modern designs in colors like silver, black, or orange will likely clash with the look you’re trying to accomplish. Consider your color palette carefully, and choose hues reminiscent of old Victorian paintings.
Utilize structure. While Victorian style does tend to focus on abundance, this does not have to equal design chaos. Balance the landscape as you otherwise would, with consideration of plant size, color, and so on.
Branch out. Victorian style isn’t as stuffy as many people believe. Experiment with a few exotic species such as a weeping tree or unusual ferns. The Victorians loved the challenge of incorporating new and interesting elements into more old-world design.

On that last note, stop by our nursery as you continue to explore ideas for a Victorian garden. You might find yourself inspired by something new and novel!

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