We’re often asked about the benefits of a drip irrigation system by homeowners who are frustrated by increasingly higher water bills. While drip irrigation will certainly save you time and energy, there are several additional benefits to installing the system.

Drip irrigation is a system of above ground drip tubes which apply water directly to the roots of grass and plants. Drip irrigation is especially ideal for the lawns and gardens of Southern California which need frequent, light irrigation. These systems allow watering to become much more uniform, efficient, and consistent.

One major problem with using a spray system to water your lawn or plants is that much of the water actually runs off the surface. Obviously, if this is happening, you’re wasting quite a bit of water every time you irrigate. Evaporation is another common problem with watering from the top, especially in warmer summer months, and causes additional water waste. The initial cost of installing a drip irrigation system is recouped much more quickly than you would think, due to lowered water bills.

Another major benefit of drip irrigation systems is that damage to landscaping and hardscape can be prevented. When a lawn is watered from the top, all that runoff water can cause erosion not only to the soil, but also to structures like patios, fences, and walls. On the other hand, a drip irrigation system which waters the lawn or garden directly at the roots helps to prevent erosion damage.

Since drip irrigation applies water below the surface, and not on the surface where most weeds germinate, the number of weeds will be greatly reduced. This helps to save homeowners the time, money, and frustration usually caused by fighting rampant weeds. The addition of bark mulch in planter beds greatly impacts the weed abatement as well.

Since the hot summer months are quickly approaching, now is a great time to consider installing a drip irrigation system. Homeowners who are concerned with the high cost of water bills, as well as the considerable time spent fighting erosion and weed problems, are likely to be relieved by the difference the system provides their budgets and busy lifestyles. Please call us about installing a drip irrigation system, and we’ll be happy to give you an estimate.

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