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An irrigation system is one of the best decisions you can make for your yard. By using this type of system, you can ensure that the right amount of water is delivered straight to your plants’ roots, prevent runoff and waste, and even manage your water bill. Given the lack of consistent rain in California, hand watering (even with an irrigation system) is not a good option for long-term landscape success.

But of course, your results will only be as good as your irrigation controller. You could go with a simple timer, that you set manually, but the newest innovations on the market are smart controllers. These allow for customization, using local weather conditions and forecasts to determine your yard’s water needs. Most are operated from smart phones and/or utilize intelligent technology like Alexa.

The Rachio timer. Not only will the Rachio timer automatically adjust your watering schedule according to local conditions; you can connect with it via your smartphone! You can use the Rachio app to view and control every aspect of your water use, even from a remote location. The wireless flow meter also detects low-flow leaks before they become a serious problem, allowing you time to repair your system. If you need to set up customized zones, delivering more or less water to particular parts of your yard, the Rachio can do that too. Users receive a monthly report about adjustments that are automatically made to watering times based on the heat level at the time.

Hunter Irrigation’s smart timer. If you already have a Hunter irrigation timer, you can convert it to a “smart” timer by adding a Hunter Solar Sync. This is an advanced weather sensor that monitors local weather conditions, and measures solar radiation and temperature, and then adjusts your watering schedule accordingly. Hunter smart timers are EPA WaterSense approved. The Hunter system can also be paired with a flow meter to alert you to serious problems with your system before they become serious problems for your landscape!

If you’re considering a smart irrigation controller, please consult with us. We can help you weigh the benefits of each type of system, as well as install and program it correctly for you. When utilized correctly, these smart timers can promote a healthy, beautiful landscape while allowing you to manage your water usage.

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