Sunlight peeking through a large tree's leaves near a road.

If your lawn is suffering due to this historic drought, you aren’t alone. Homeowners throughout Southern California are worried about their lawns, as grass tends to suffer when it is not watered regularly. We’re all reorganizing our priorities, and making new choices for our landscaping. Some homeowners are installing drip irrigation systems, while others are opting for low-water xeriscaping.

But with so much attention going toward our lawns, many homeowners have forgotten about their trees. Many of the trees we tend to include in our landscaping also depend upon regular irrigation, and they can also suffer ill effects from less frequent watering.

Even if you choose to forgo a grassy lawn, you might feel reluctant to remove your trees. After all, trees provide many benefits to both the environment and our home values. Some people even feel an emotional attachment to their trees! In order to keep your trees healthy during the drought, follow these tips:

  • Slowly water mature trees once or twice per month, using a soaker hose or drip irrigation system. Use a timer to prevent over watering your trees. They need water, but we’re still trying to conserve.
  • For younger trees, you will need to water them two to four times per week. Customize the amount of water provided based on tree variety.
  • Water deeply around the edge of the tree canopy, rather than right at the base of the trunk.
  • During times of drought, refrain from over-pruning trees. They will need to use more energy to regenerate after a deep pruning.
  • Remember to mulch to a depth of about 4 inches around the bases of all your trees. Mulch retains moisture so that the evaporation process doesn’t rob your trees of their water.

For more tips on taking care of your trees during this drought, or for general information on landscaping while conserving water, give us a call. We will be happy to share our ideas, so that you can preserve your home’s value and continue to enjoy your yard without wasting water.

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