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Oak trees contribute numerous benefits to a home’s landscape. Not only are they beautiful; their towering height also means an oak tree can provide much-needed shade (which can lower energy bills) to your home. And if you enjoy seasonal color, many varieties of oak tree are deciduous, meaning their leaves change color in autumn.

The most common types of oak tree in Southern California include:

● Coast live oak
● Interior live oak
● Engelmann oak
● Island oak
● Blue oak
● Black oak
● Valley oak

You might have noticed that a couple of these trees include the word “live” in their names. A live oak is one that “lives” through the winter; in other words, its leaves stay green all year, rather than turning brown and falling off in autumn. This makes live oaks a great choice for those of you who want the splendor of a large oak tree in your yard, but without the yearly mess and hassle of raking and bagging leaves.

Oaks have existed in California before the land was settled, but widespread deforestation due to the lumber and real estate industries has greatly reduced their numbers. But because trees are so important to our environment, many states, including California, have begun to offer the trees legal protections.

According to California state law, you cannot remove an oak tree from your property unless you apply for and receive the appropriate permit. But permits are issued by cities, each imposing different rules, so it is vital to communicate with your municipality’s permit office before attempting to remove an oak tree. If you do so unlawfully, you could face court action and a fine.

Whether you want to plant an oak tree or remove one, call us for expert landscaping advice. We can help you decide what types of tree meet your aesthetic and care preferences, and design a landscape that suits your particular space.