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We all have our reasons for loving trees. You might enjoy the shade they provide on a hot day, and how they keep your home cooler. You might love to witness their beauty as leaves change color in the fall, or happily munch on the fruit they provide. Then, of course, trees also offer ecological benefits. Even our government acknowledges the importance of trees, and urges us all to get out and plant a tree on Arbor Day.

Clean air. Trees act as enormous, natural air filters. Imagine the amount of carbon dioxide your car produces in one year, if you drive the average of 26,000 miles annually. Hint: it’s a lot. Now imagine that one acres of mature trees can absorb all of that carbon dioxide, essentially cleaning our air for us. That’s the truth! Trees filter out carbon dioxide, along with other harmful gases like ozone, ammonia, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxides.

Oxygen. Trees, like all plants, produce oxygen as a waste product. Of course, one tree’s “trash” is another man’s treasure – literally, in this case! In one year, an acre of mature trees provides enough oxygen for 18 people to breathe.

Water filters. Along with filtering our air, trees also act as nature’s water filters. During a rainstorm, water runs down tree trunks and into the ground, reducing runoff. If that water contains pollutants, this action prevents a lot of it from reaching the ocean. During those rainstorms, a tree’s roots also help to prevent erosion and landslides. When mulched, trees act as a filter and help to boost clean groundwater supplies.

Energy conservation. Mature trees, planted strategically around your home, can reduce summer air conditioning expenses by up to 50 percent! Not only do you save money on your power bill; you also reduce demand from power plants, and therefore pollution emissions.

Reduced noise pollution. Trees even help to break up sound waves, reducing the amount of noise pollution in crowded neighborhoods and cities.

Real estate value. Because trees are beautiful and lend a feeling of serenity, they can boost your property value.
We’ve offered plenty of reasons to plant trees, or take care of the ones you have. If you’re thinking about adding a tree to your existing landscape, stop by our nursery and we can help you choose one. Remember to follow planting and care instructions carefully, and one day your children or grandchildren could be enjoying (literally, in some cases) the fruits of your labor.

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