As you’re setting up an outdoor seating area, you will face a number of options. Outdoor seating can provide a place for conversation, eating, reading, working from home, or just soaking up some sunshine instead of feeling cooped up indoors.

Lately, basket seats are all the rage, featured in social media ads and on websites like Pinterest. If you’ve considered one of these cozy hanging seats for your own home, here’s what you need to know.

Choosing a location for your basket seat.

How do you envision yourself using a basket seat? Are you aiming for a reading nook, or hoping for a place to meditate? Are you adding the seat as another option for a conversation area, or do you want more seclusion? Have you considered sun versus shade? Ask yourself these questions as you choose a location for your basket seat.

Installing your basket seat.

Many basket seats come with a stand, so all you need to do is set it up wherever you want it. This option is simple, because you can always move the seat if you change your mind about the location.

However, you might prefer a more permanent mounting for your basket seat. You could be concerned about boisterous kids knocking it over, or simply prefer more support. Basket seats can be mounted from a sturdy structure such as an overhead beam, sturdy arbor, or even a tree limb. Consider the typical weight load of the seat before choosing a spot to mount it.

Consider privacy.

If it’s a quiet reading nook or meditation space you’re after, you probably prefer for that time to be uninterrupted. Consider placing your basket seat in a more private area of the yard, if possible, and landscape around it. A fast-growing shade plant like bamboo can be used to create the perfect retreat. Or, if you prefer the aesthetics of blooming shrubbery, consider viburnum, hydrangea, or camellias. A simple boxwood shrub or two will also grow quickly and provide privacy, without requiring overly complicated care.

If you’re considering a patio install, arbor, or other permanent structure for your backyard retreat area, call us to discuss your vision. We can help you explore your option and arrive at a design that suits your needs.