Planting your garden and watching it grow is considered the “fun part” of gardening. The clean-up chores often feel less glamorous. But with a little creativity, you can put many garden byproducts to use in or around the home, giving some of them a second life. Planning fun projects for your “leftovers” can make these mundane clean-up chores feel a bit more exciting.

For example, we all know that we should pick up fallen rose petals as they are discarded. But instead of throwing them away, you can create so many useful things with these byproducts, such as…

● Sachets
● Rose water
● Tea
● Dried arrangements
● Essential oil
● Scented sugar scrubs
● Salad toppings
● Bath bombs or bath salts
● Rose hip kombucha

And of course, you can simply place fallen petals in a bowl or vase, and enjoy them arranged that way. They will still give off a bit of scent, too, depending upon the varieties you have planted in your garden.

Lavender can also be used in many of the above projects. In addition, lavender is delicious in lemonade, makes a healthier alternative to mothballs, and is even used in natural ear infection remedies due to its antibacterial properties! Use lavender sachets or spritz your pillows with lavender for its anxiety-calming properties. Some people even say lavender oil relieves headaches.

As ornamental grasses begin to die at the end of their growing cycles, dry them and use in creative arrangements around the home. Toward the end of summer these decorations signal the arrival of fall.

And of course, composting dead plant matter is the best way to complete the circle of life. Healthy compost keeps your garden fertile and thriving, and saves you money on store-bought products.

What other ideas do you have for reusing your yard’s byproducts? Check out Pinterest for more tips, and you will find a use for almost everything in your garden.