Pink pale roses bush over summer garden or park nature backgroun

Why did you originally start gardening?

For many of us, the desire to increase the curb appeal of our homes is a matter of personal pride (and even a financial investment). For others, the appeal of homegrown foods and herbs is a major motivation. And of course, we all simply enjoy being surrounded by a beautiful environment.

But for some, gardening has become a practice in mindfulness. As our increasingly hectic, modern lives continue to pull us away from nature, gardening can serve as a purposefully regrounding experience. If you frequently experience stress and anxiety, you might find that mindful gardening provides the soul-soothing balance you’ve been craving.

Of course, it isn’t just a matter of going outside and getting your hands in the soil. To turn your regular gardening into a purposefully mindful activity, consider adding these steps to your routine.

Turn off your cell phone. The whole point of mindful gardening is to escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy, over-connected life. You will find yourself feeling more grounded after a break from constant notifications and messages.

Schedule your gardening time. Set aside this special time for yourself. It’s even better if you can commit to a block of time each day since mindful gardening can also serve as a daily meditation.

Use gardening as a transition time. Since you’re scheduling your gardening time anyway, try to choose a time that allows you to transition from one busy activity, into a more relaxed state of mind. For example, you might garden after arriving home from your daily commute, before dealing with dinner.

Engage your senses. At first, you might need to remind yourself to utilize all of your senses in the garden. Make a point to notice not only the sights, but sound, smell, and tactile feel in your garden space (and taste, too if you’re growing edible plants). Over time this will become a habit.

Don’t worry so much about the end goal. While finishing a big project is always rewarding, try not to focus so much of the end goal that you rush through the journey. Take the time to truly appreciate each step of a process. And sometimes, simply spend time meandering about in your sacred space, following your intuition.

If you need help establishing your garden space, give us a call. We can offer tips on creating the perfect, relaxing spot on your property.