Floral arrangement of Roses

Growing and enjoying your own flowers is only half the fun of gardening. Cutting, making floral arrangements, and bringing them indoors provides even more enjoyment of your hard work, and becomes a hobby of its own!

If you’re hoping to add unique elements to your home’s decor, you might be feeling a bit tired of the standard floral arrangements. This can be especially true during the winter season when you have fewer blooms available for use. With a little creativity and a fresh set of eyes, you can still find plenty of natural elements available in your own backyard. Learn to combine them in new ways, and you have an original, artistic arrangement that is perfect for your mantle or dining table.

Take a small child along. Children have a way of looking at the world with a different perspective and find beauty in things we don’t often notice as adults. You might be surprised at how innovative and yet practical their design ideas can be!

Open your mind to different possibilities. An arrangement doesn’t need to be composed only of flowers. Twigs, stems full of ripe berries, evergreen leaves, dried grasses, pinecones, and plenty of other natural elements are available in your yard. Consider how you can use them to complement one another.

Of course, remember that arrangements don’t only belong in vases. Get creative with your containers, too. Mason jars, recycled planter pots and kitchen containers can all be used to make unique arrangements.

Consider the season. The great thing about floral arrangements is that you can change them out frequently, keeping your interior decor fresh and interesting. While you might feel that tulips signal spring and roses symbolize summer, consider other natural elements that reflect the season. Dried seed heads, fruits, autumn flowers, and more are becoming increasingly popular in the floral design world.

Getting outside and looking at your yard in a new way can spark inspiration, and help you to appreciate all that nature has to offer. But if you realize that your yard lacks a few crucial elements, you might feel inspired in a different way. Give us a call and we can help you choose new plants to add more variety to your landscape.