Dischidia ruscifolia or dave plant decorate on wall

Gardening appeals to the very young, the very old, urban dwellers, country folk, and just about everyone! But for some of us, space can be an issue. For others, traditional in-ground gardening has exhausted its novelty. If you’re looking for something unique and exciting, or if you feel limited by a smaller yard, a vertical garden might be right up your alley.

Like a statement wall or a piece of art, vertical outdoor gardens add a great visual element to a space. These can be pre-bought or DYI’d for those who choose to embrace a more adventurous approach. This is an especially great trend for very small spaces and can add visual interest, character and a lasting impact. And for those living in close proximity to neighbors and/or noise pollution, a vertical garden such as a living wall can add privacy and block excess noise.

Let these ideas might spark your imagination as you transform your ideas of gardening from horizontal to vertical.

A hanging garden. Many of us have stopped to admire the hanging planters, overflowing with blooms, often uniformly displayed across wide country-style porches. But you can hang planters in any way that you wish. By varying their sizes and heights, you could create a changing “wall” of hanging planters that creates a secure cocoon around your patio or porch.

A vertical, edible garden. Vertical gardens don’t have to be decorative only. Plenty of foods can be grown in hanging pots, landscape fabric pouches, or a living wall. Imagine walking out onto the porch to snip your favorite herbs, grab a few lettuce leaves, or harvest fresh cherry tomatoes. It’s possible!

Succulents as artwork. Succulents grow very well in the vertical format, and there’s an enormous variety of species from which to choose. Vary colors and textures to create a vertical garden that serves as a living work of art.

Lattice as an affordable option. Simple, lattice-style woodwork can be purchased at home improvement stores, cut to fit your space, and installed even by amateurs. Next, choose a climbing vine and train it to grow up the lattice to create a cozy space. This project works for porches or to create nooks around swings and hammocks.

Upcycle your garden. Upcycled containers like painted tin cans can be fastened to a fence or wall, and make adorably quirky planters.

Decorate the side of your house or shed. Affix landscaping fabric pouches to the side of your house or a shed, and let your imagination run wild. Planting a mix of flowers, ferns, or climbing vines lends to an eclectic and wild ambiance.

For more landscaping tips and ideas, contact us. We can help you fit more plant life into smaller spaces around patios and porches, or renovate your entire yard if you prefer.